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-4 Day Weekend Underground - Research for a new film work with writer Sam Bellacosa

“The necessity of their debt refusal and demurral of legislative harassment necessarily made them stateless, but still deep inside a state, now bound to go through, again, the same system undetected, with as little of the present and past remaining as possible.” Sam Bellacosa, Future Lovers (2014)

4 Day Weekend Underground will be a mid-length narrative film shot on location on the West Coast of Scotland. During a month-long residency in April 2015 at the Creative Lab, CCA Glasgow, Sam Bellacosa and I researched and discussed the subject matter of 4 Day Weekend Underground and the practicalities of our method.

4 Day Weekend Underground (4DWU) concerns the journey of a young man from Glasgow’s Walled City to the Isle of Eigg, Inner Hebrides in the year 2044. The journey serves to reunite the young man with his partner who is working on Eigg to gain first-hand knowledge of the autonomous island’s hydroelectric grid. 4DWU is a travelogue regarding the kindness of strangers. It is a road movie in the absence of money.

As the journey progresses northwest from the central Belt to the coast, and the lovers anticipate the meeting via their black networks, the details of the characters’ world are revealed: surveillance; energy security; free movement; ‘a-state’ social structures. 4DWU sets out to depict, through a speculative alter-future, conditions of migration, individualism, corporatism, and land use, as well as the romantic appeal of WROl (Without Rule of law) in popular imagination.

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Storyboard Sam Bellacosa 2015  

Storyboard Sam Bellacosa 2015  

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